Well Drilling Enterprise

Village Drill TeamIn the past, when our ministry partner, Give Uganda Water, wanted to bring clean water to a community, it would hire a well-drilling company from Kampala to drill its bore-hole wells with a large rig.  Although this method brings clean water to communities, the additional benefits like job creation and creating a sustainable water source are minimal. However, SMI has raised funds to purchase our own hand drilling rig made in Kenya.  This rig can drill wells up to 200 feet deep at about half the cost of the traditional method.  The rig can be disassemble and fit in the back of our SMI pickup truck. The benefits to this approach would include:

  •  Installing wells at a fraction of the cost of traditional well-drilling methods;
  • creating a local, sustainable well-drilling business providing local jobs;
  • creating a source of revenue for SMI to fund local ministry efforts;
  • involvement of the community men in drilling the well thereby increasing a sense of ownership and commitment to long-term maintenance; and
  • ownership of a portable rig that can put wells in areas unreachable by a traditional well-drilling truck.

SMI will take delivery of our new rig in August 2014 and spend two weeks receiving training in the drilling of wells.  Our intention is to install three wells during our time there, bringing clean water to thousands of people who currently lack access.  With the purchase of this rig, SMI will be positioned to continue to drill wells and provide clean water for years to come.

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