Highlights from April 2014 Uganda Trip

Update from John Emelio


IMG_20140413_163805087We just returned from our latest trip to Western Uganda and it was quite a productive time.  Our main focus was to see if we could successfully make soap on a large scale on behalf of an American soap company (SoapBox Soaps) that donates soap in needy parts of the world.  There were many challenges along the way, but in the end we made our first batch of 200 bars of all natural soap!  Our goal is to demonstrate to SoapBox that we can produce 8,000 bars as a first order to donate on their behalf to orphanages and villages during our upcoming trip to Uganda in August.  We are well on our way!

During the latter part of our trip, we also met with leaders from the village of Kabingo to discuss bringing clean water to their village in a sustainable way through the installation of a bore-hole well and the establishment of a water club.  In this model, each participating family pays an affordable price (16 cents a week) to access the clean water.  These funds would be collected for loan repayment and well maintenance, and a significant portion would then be deposited into savings accounts on behalf of club members.  We also met with village leaders at Lake George to discuss a year-round clean water solution for their village through the installation of a water filtration facility near the lake.  It was a very fruitful trip!