Donation Soaps

8be009de6807a7e4f11d99856326228eSMI has partnered with a national soap company in the USA (SoapBox Soaps) to manufacture donation soaps on behalf of SoapBox in Uganda.  During trips to Uganda in January and April of 2014, SMI gathered market data on competing soaps and researched and visited suppliers for key ingredients.  To save money, we realized we could initially start producing the soap from our existing leased space that SMI has obtained in the town of Kiburara.   After  obtaining the needed ingredients and equipment, SMI secured its first order from SoapBox for 8,000 bars of soap.

Primarily through the work of two orphans trained and hired from the Alpha and Omega Secondary school while on break, SMI recently completed the manufacturing of the 8,000 bars and has been distributing them to orphanages and hospitals around the country (in Ibanda, Kampala and Jinja), as well as to rural villagers in Western Uganda.  SMI hopes to strengthen its manufacturing ability in Uganda and continue making donation soaps for SoapBox for years to come.

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