A unique focus of SMI is assisting the people of Western Uganda in establishing businesses and improved farming yields and profits. SMI’s goal is to implement sustainable projects to benefit the community, including the provision of initial funding for business development and vocational training for job skills. SMI’s focus is to help launch locally-owned and operated businesses that will sustain themselves, create jobs and combat poverty. To this end, SMI has purchased 26- acres of prime farm land in Kiburara Uganda. This land is ideal for many purposes, including farming, dried fruit and fruit juice production, and raising cattle, goats, pigs and chickens for market. The land is also situated on 6-acres of road front that has recently been widened and paved by the Ugandan government. This portion of the land is optimal for constructing storefronts operated by local merchants and establishing vocational training programs such as metalwork, tailoring, manufacturing, and woodworking. A portion of the revenue from these enterprises will help fund the charitable activities within SMI’s mission.